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Y「Oh, ahhh!」 Dopey-dopey pew!

Chino「Okey, we're done with today's Sakusei. Thank you for your hard work.」

Y「Ugh ...... Oh, thank you ......」

I've been working at Rabbit House for a few weeks now.
But if I let a man go free in an all-female workplace, everyone would be raped.
So it was decided that Chino would give me a hand job on a regular basis.
But she doesn't like me and always seems to be unhappy about giving me a hand job. My dick hurts.

Y 「Huh... Chino is so cute, why is her hand job so rough...? I'd like a gentler hand job... Huh?」

Even though it's the middle of the night, the lights are on in Chino's room.

引用元: Y「H...Hey, Chino! Don't stimulate my cock so hard!」 Chino「shut the fuck up ......」fap fap

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Chino 「One two... One two...」

Y 「Chino is practicing a hand job on the dildo...!」

Chino「Ok, I guess it's like this. We need to get her to feel better...」

Y 「Chino-chan!!!」kaboom!

Chino 「Oh shit fuckin' Mother fucker!!!!!」

Y「I'm sorry Chino, I didn't know you were working so hard...! Your thighs smell so good after a bath!」

Chino「Stop sniffing me, you fucking idiot!」


Chino「It's not that big of a deal... It's my job, and I'm not very good at it, so...」

Y「No, it's not! I think I'm going to ejaculate just from that feeling! Ok, give me your hand, Chino!」

Chino「You mean like this?」

Y「OK! I'm going to masturbate now, so take it!!!! I'm going to ejaculate into your soft hands, Chino-chan!」

Chino「What? What!?」

Y「I'm going to ejaculate on your hand, Chino! Woohoo! !!!!!!」whoosh!!!!

Chino「Oh shit fuckin' Mother fucker!!!!!」

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Y「Ugh... This sperm is so dense...」

Chino「It's true. But how did you do it, bitch?」

Y「That's because your kindness spoke to me!」


Y「That's right, a hand job isn't a technique, it's best when it's given by someone I love!」

Chino「Oh, I love you... Oh, my God, You're creepy...I mean... Could you help me practice a little bit more?」

Y「Of course!!!!」

After that, I ejaculated into Chino's hand all night long and I was too tired to move the next day.
But then Chino started saying 「I love you」 to me during my hand job. Yes!
the end

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Read it out loud in front of your parents.

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どぺい どぺい ぺう!すこ

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