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I wanted to know the contents of the bonus.

Hamamatsu Tozo announced on December 6 that it cut into 25 bags containing extra professional baseball player cards of potato chips at a shopping center inside Hamamatsu City's eastern district, Aichi Prefecture Toyokawa City Nakajo-cho Miyatoshi , Noboru Matsuo (51) was arrested on charges of damaging the container.

He admitted charges that he wanted a giant card.

According to the police station, Matsuo tossed a bonus bag of 25 potato chips (90 yen per bag, total 2250 yen) with a bonus card at the center for about 20 minutes from around 1:55 pm on Sunday, There is doubt that it cut it with.
The suspect cut the extra bag of 35 bags in total, checked the contents card and purchased 10 bags that he liked.
The other 25 bags were returned to the shelf and they came out of the center by security guards.

引用元: 彡(^)(^)「ABCDEFGHI...

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fu○k you.

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is this "Omake no nakami"?

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holy crap

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Dear KankeinaiBu
Wai ha Manager's Pants Color de

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sotto G

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カルビー 侍JAPANチップス うすしお味 22g×24袋

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