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引用元: 翻訳先輩「最初に、私の家には、屋上がありますが」

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私は あなたのことが 長い間 好きです

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Firstly, Rooftop is on my house.

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You must die for them.(原文)

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Please, lick my asshole

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I did it. Posted by: Hentai fukumi Hijikata (Wednesday, August 16, 07: 14: 22)

Yesterday on August 15th, my old man (60 years old) and my dad love Hijikata who gave me the other day
(45 years old) and tomboy (53 years old), it was full under the bank of the river in the prefecture north.
Today because tomorrow is not closed I am rarely coming to people since I bought sake and knobs at convenience stores,
So I started doing it after drinking sake.
Three people were licking licking tickets and only three underwear enclosures were brought in and three enemas were inserted at a time.
After a while, a hole in my mouth is shivering, and feces is swirling in the belly in search of an exit.
While licking a hole in a tiger in a vagrant 's old man, I licked my old brother' s hole,
I brought feces to the mouth of the older brother first.
At the same time both the old man and the lady put out shit. In my face, covered with feces,
You scooped out feces made by three people while you were painting each other's body,
I licked a damp coat and enema with urine. Oh ~ ~ I'm sorry.
After having done it for a while and feeling enema, I feel like being crazy enough.
I tried to stumble across the eagle's dick in a tiny hole in a vagrant 's old man
It is a pleasant feeling that the rod's holes slough with feces and urine.
My little boy is sitting still in the mouth of my old man.
I scratched the dick of a man with a shit and took a sharp rash.
After that, I also licked the old man 's feces poultry with my brother anymore,
I covered shit and took juice twice. I want to do it again.
After all it will be covered with feces and at the best. Do not you play with your metamorphosis father?
Oh ~ ~ Let's be covered with feces quickly.
The best you can do in Okayama Prefecture North. I am 163 * 90 * 53, the old man is 165 * 75 * 60, ya
A man who wants to be covered with feces, urgent, mail me.
Enema with Hijikata as it is, let 's do with lots of feces.

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